At ICONIX, we follow a well defined Agile Software development methodology:

  1. Model Custom App
    1. Evaluate goals: How do your users want to interact with the app? 
    2. Define Problem Statement: What problem is the application trying to solve?
    3. Model / Prototype key business scenarios
      1. Use BPMN to model end-to-end key business scenarios
      2. Use Axure RP to model key business scenarios
    4. Define information model
    5. Define business rules
    6. Model Layouts (forms, lists, reports, charts, etc.)
    7. Define integration, security and deployment
    8. Prototype and test it with end user
  2. Develop Custom app (FileMaker development)
    1. Design Phase
      1. Design data model
      2. Design User interface (Layouts - forms, lists, reports, charts, etc.)
      3. Define data (import, integration with external data sources)
    2. Create business logic (FileMaker functions and scripting)
    3. Create business workflowflow
    4. Set up security
    5. Test the App
  3. Deploy custom App